Building Automation


IDX has positioned itself to be your communications, remote control and vpn partner of choice when it comes to your building automation communications requirements.  We have an extensive and well priced range of protocol translation gateways and air conditioning interface gateways.


We have partnered with various innovative technology suppliers in building automation gateways, remote control and vpn solutions and put the following offerings together to securely access, simplify and/or extend your existing or new building automation systems.




Building communication gateways, Telemetry solution, air conditioner interfaces, and remote telemetry solutions

Revolution PI


A product of our partner Kunbus, the RevolutionPi is an open-source, Linux based control, and telemetry platform



Manufacturer of high quality, highly flexible& industrial rated routers, PoE Switches, and various other network components



Other IO, sensor and actuator manufacturers to provide a solution for any application


We have over 25 years’ experience in digital communication systems and the engineering of smart automation control solutions and systems.

We have developed various digital communication courses from our experiential learnings as well as in partnership with the various digital communication bodies, such as Modbus Serial, Modbus TCP, KNX, Industrial Ethernet, and ASCII based communication systems.

We have the experience and competence to assist electrical contractors and system integrators with the correct design, specification, and implementation of their building automation communication networks, solutions for remote access, data logging, micro control and automation of operations, system fault finding, and auditing, effectively integrating disparate systems.


We have developed powerful and flexible solutions for remote management, control, data logging, alarming, and reporting of your key building-integrated assets and machinery.

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