Certified PROFIBUS Engineers Course

Course Duration: 4½ days


The PROFIBUS International Certified Engineers Course is a practical training course aimed at producing fully competent PROFIBUS personnel, with an in-depth understanding of the technology, and what goes into implementing and maintaining well-structured and reliable PROFIBUS network. Once trained, PROFIBUS Certified Engineers are equipped to troubleshoot any technical difficulties that might accompany a PROFIBUS installation.

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Course Outline


The PROFIBUS International Certified Engineers Course uses material developed at the PROFIBUS Interface Centre, Johnston City in the USA and provides an internationally recognized certification. The course gives an overview of PROFIBUS network operation and characteristics, covering the theory, practice and common pitfalls of PROFIBUS DP, FMS and PA network installation. Using the four demonstration boards developed by the competence centre, which integrate a wide range of standard industrial devices, the student is taken from the basics of laying out and wiring an active network, through in depth analysis of the protocol, to using diagnostic tools and to detect and fix bus faults and packet analyzers to identify more difficult configuration errors. There are many ways to tailor a PROFIBUS network and device configuration using GSD & EDD files as well as DTM/FDT under various master configurations are examined in detail.



On the fifth day of the course students are required to demonstrate their level of competence by writing both a practical and open-book, multiple-choice theory test. All who pass the test are then registered with PROFIBUS International as Certified PROFIBUS Engineers. Stringent testing is required to maintain the high name of this international qualification. For those that do not pass on the first attempt, an opportunity will be created to retake the test once at a later date at minimal charge..



The material covered is of a complex nature, thus experience with Process Automation and Digital Communication systems is recommended. Attendees must have attended the PROFIBUS Certified Installer's course prior to attended the Engineer's course. This is done to avoid material overlap. Certified Engineer's week training includes the Installer's course material on the first day for those who have not covered this material before. Those that have attended the Certified Installer's course may join the Engineers course on the second day.



Due to the technical nature of the course and our desire to see a maximum pass rate, training groups may not be greater than 8 people.



The Johannesburg based course will be run from the IDX offices in Fourways. Please contact us if you would like to arrange onsite training.