Teltonika Networks is a global provider of IoT & IIoT equipment based in Lithuania, Europe.

During more than two decades of R&D, product development and manufacturing of IoT & M2M industrial networking devices, they have created a comprehensive product portfolio for the most challenging Industry 4.0 connectivity applications.

Teltonika Networks controls all the stages of the product development life cycle, allowing it to be fast and flexible in reacting to market demands and changes while offering devices that are reliable, secure, and easy to use.

Reliable: Reliability is one of the core focus while designing devices at Teltonika. Their products are engineered and manufactured to achieve the best reliability possible.

Secure: Security risk tests are performed constantly on all Teltonika devices and all products are being periodically updated to eliminate any breaches in order to assure the highest level of security.

Easy to use: Teltonika Networks devices are highly professional however they are very easy to use. The ability to offer products that do not require any special training is one of their strengths.


Teltonika products fall into the following categories:


Industrial Routers

Teltonika Industrial Routers

RUT series are engineered to be deployed easily even in challenging connectivity scenarios. Connecting people,  machines & Infrastructure.

Industrial Switches

Teltonika Industrial Switches

Gigabit PoE Ethernet switches featuring industrial-grade reliability, network redundancy, security and easy management

Industrial Gateways

Teltonika TRB142

Programmable M2M / IIoT gateways, designed to connect your assets to the internet. Linux based, highly functional devices come with a range of interfaces and networking options.