PROFIBUS Connectors


We supply 90°, 45° & 180° PROFIBUS Connectors and similar components.  The PROFIBUS Connectors come with or without diagnostic LEDs. The 90° & 45° plugs also have an option to have piggyback sockets which allow PROFIBUS analysers like ProfiTrace to connect into the network easily.



EasyConn PB Connectors

High-end PROFIBUS EasyConn PB Connector
Status LED's
Piggy-back connector with 90-degree cable outlet
Full metal case for reduced interference from noise
45°, 90°, 180° with PG port

PROFIBUS Cable Stripper

Speeds up the accurate assembly of a PROFIBUS cable
Removes the sheath and exposes the shielding at the exact length required for common PROFIBUS connectors
Easily replaceable cartridges
Rugged design