Industrial Ethernet Permanent Monitoring & Diagnostics Solution for Industrial Ethernet Networks


ATLAS, a standalone Industrial Ethernet diagnostics solution for the permanent monitoring and maintenance of complex industrial Ethernet networks. The unit has a modular software build allowing you to take advantage of the functions relevant to your application.




Current supported common Industrial Ethernet Protocols include PROFINET, Ethernet/IP & Modbus TCP.



Fully customisable tile dashboard that allows  users quick access to the various functions on the ATLAS: Alarms, Topology, Q-Factor, Traffic Trending, Device List



Atlas offers users a dynamic and interactive Topology that gives users immediate network awareness and insight.



The Q-Factor is a weighted algorithm used to give a score about the quality of the network.


Once connected into the Ethernet network, the ATLAS creates a clear topology and detailed view of all devices connected to the network. Useful data is collected from all the devices on the network that will give you insight into the current device state and health. The Software will then create a "Health Analysis" of the entire network.

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