KUNBUS is a German-based company specialised in fieldbus and industrial Ethernet solutions in the automation sector. Besides embedded communication modules for all major industrial networks such as PROFINET and ETHERCAT, KUNBUS'​ product portfolio also includes gateways, IPCs, PC cards as well as a variety of network diagnostics and monitoring devices.

KUNBUS products fall into the following categories:


Revolution Pi

Revolution PI

IIoT Gateway, DIN-rail PC or small control unit? Your call!
Discover the world of Revolution Pi. Industrialised RaspberryPi based PCs

NetTest II

NetTest II

The NetTEST II is an essential analysis and test tool for the successful operation, maintenance and service of any PROFIBUS DP network.

Tap Curious

TAP Curious

The perfect tool for monitoring, analysing and fault fixing in real-time Ethernet networks. Delay, jitter and CRC faults can be recorded and analysed