canAnalyser 3 Suite


CAN Diagnostics & Engineering Software


The canAnalyser software suite, is a tool for the development, testing, analysis & maintenance of CAN, CAN FD, LIN, CANopen, DeviceNet and SAE J1939 networks.



Running on your laptop or PC, canAnalyser interfaces directly with your CAN-based networks through a connected CAN interface such as the IXXAT USB-to-CAN.


Modular concept

Utilising the canAnalyser control panel the user can start and control all the various function modules available within the suite.

Function modules are connected to virtual buses that are assigned to real CAN controllers, thus making the configuration measurement independent of the PC measurement.

canAnalyser3 Control Panel

A central location to access all the function modules in the canAnalyser suite: Transmit module, Recieve module, Trace module, Replay module, Signal module. Signal-Transmit module, Sequencer module, Scripting-Host module & Statistics scripts.

CAN interface

The canAnalyser3 suite is compatible with all IXXAT CAN interfaces which include access through:

USB, LAN, Bluetooth & PCI various.

Data Interpretation Modules

The software has an optional expansion for the  following data interpretation modules:

CANopen, DeviceNet & SAE J1939


canAnalyser is available in the following versions: Mini, Lite & Standard. The most basic module provides a wide range of functions to support most applications.


Download canAnalyser V3 Demo below


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