Intesis Standard Cloud Control


Establish a central control point for your installation in a simple and economical way. Easily manage all your different BACnet or Modbus devices from an app or Web Interface using a common dashboard.


Intesis ST Cloud Control is a cloud-based solution from HMS which enables easy monitoring and control of any BACnet or Modbus device from mobile phone apps and computer web interfaces.



Users simply install the ST Cloud Control gateway in the desired location and use Intesis MAPS for PC-based configuration. Here, the desired widgets can be created ( e.g. Booleans, Operating Modes, Dimmers, Analog Values, Error Signals, etc.), after which then can be mapped with the BACnet objects or Modbus registers of choice. After configuration, all widgets will appear automatically in the app and web interface, provided in a safe and secure way via the HMS HubTM Edge Connectivity solution.


Integrate, manage and control any BACnet or Modbus device from an App or Web Interface



Features and Specifications


Gateway Features

  • BACnet IP/MSTP or Modbus TCP/RTU connectivity.

  • Up to 32 devices can be connected to each gateway.

  • Up to 12 widgets per device.

  • Supports up to 8 signals per widget.

Next level service

  • Industrial grade connectivity now for Building Automation.

  • Fast and scalable real-time edge connectivity over HMS HubTM.

  • Full data control and protection.

  • Secure updates during the application lifetime.


Intesis Maps

  • Enables easy and intuitive configuration.

  • Possibility to create templates for fast configuration.

  • Offers BACnet scan and powerful diagnostics tools.

  • Customise the dashboard to include the desired data.

Application (iOS, Android, Web)

  • Monitor and control devices in an easy and intuitive way.

  • Features native iOS and Android app and web interface.

  • Manage multiple users and permissions per project.

  • Manage multiple sites from the same dashboard



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