Gateway and AC Interfaces for Building Automation & HVAC.

Founded in 2000, today Intesis is a leader in design, fabrication and commercialization of innovative solutions for building automation. We provide the most advanced communication gateway solutions for integrations of different systems. Our solutions are developed for integrators, specifically designed to be robust so they are reliable in the field and easy to set up.


Protocol Translators

Intesis Protocol Translators

BACnet, KNX, Modbus, DALI, M-Bus, ASCII, LonWorks and more. All of them are supported by the Intesis protocol translators. Reliable cutting edge technology for all your needs.

AC Interfaces

Anybus Gateways

Highly reliable interfaces for Air Conditioning integration, developed in collaboration with all major AC manufacturers. The world's most comprehensive portfolio of AC interfaces for integration.

Intesis Maps

Anybus Wireless

Intesis MAPS the most powerful configuration tool common for all Intesis gateways enabling fast and simple commissioning. One software solution to rule them all providing to the integrator the power to configure and monitor the system in an easy and reliable way.

Intesis ST Cloud

Anybus Wireless

Intesis ST Cloud Control is a cloud-based solution that enables easy monitoring and control of any BACnet or Modbus device from mobile phone apps and computer web interfaces.