Anybus Modbus RTU to TCP Gateway


With the Anybus Modbus gateway, you can connect Modbus RTU devices to Modbus-TCP networks. The gateway works as a translator (router) between the two networks allowing up to 32 Modbus RTU devices to be connected to a Modbus-TCP network.



Transparent conversion

The gateway provides Modbus-TCP Server functionality and internally performs a completely transparent conversion between the Modbus-TCP and Modbus RTU protocols, giving users a lot of flexibility when doing system integration.

Easy web-based configuration

The configuration is easily done via the built-in web server. A self-instructive menu system will appear for device settings, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Features and benefits

  • Simple way to transmit I/O data between Modbus RTU and Modbus-TCP

  • Function as a Modbus-TCP Server routing the Modbus-TCP client queries to Modbus-RTU and back

  • Proven and trusted in thousands of Modbus applications

  • Completely transparent data transfer giving users a lot of flexibility when doing system integration

  • Serial port (RS232/RS485) and Ethernet port (10/100 Mbit)

  • Modbus RTU Master functionality connecting up to 32 Modbus RTU slaves

  • Digital inputs accessible from Modbus-TCP client

  • Very simple configuration (node address, IP-address, etc.)

  • Global free technical support and consultancy

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