Why Partner With Industrial Data Xchange (IDX)


We are a company with a global focus and believe that business is about partnerships and that partnerships are about trust.  As a technology innovator, we seek to employ people with a love for problem-solving and getting 'under the hood'. We encourage personal development and the self-motivated will find the freedom to expand and grow as they tackle the challenges; they find most fulfilling. We also believe that a balanced life-style will keep our people most productive and encourage a good work ethic. 


Although we are operating in a global economy, we remember that we are part of third world reality. IDX is committed to the potential in Africa and actively invests in social empowerment programs to see the upliftment of those without opportunity.

Let IDX help you leverage your plant data for maximum business benefit


Get your plant data to work for you by ESTABLISHING, MAINTAINING & LEVERAGING industrial data connectivity solutions from IDX




Where our core expertise lies. We can pretty much connect to anything on your plant


Get your wired, wireless and multi-protocol pathways working for you reliably


Once established keep the pathways open and the data flowing consistently


With the right data on time, where you need it, make better informed decisions effectively

Our Clients


At IDX, we believe that business is about trust and we work on establishing solid long-lasting relationships with our clients who know they can rely on our quality delivery, honesty and integrity in all their business dealings with us.



Some of our clients are listed below:

Our Partners


At IDX, we work hard to build and maintain relationships with innovative technology suppliers, who in turn enable us to provide our clients with solutions that match their requirements.


We are indeed privileged to represent these organisations in the Sub-Saharan Africa region as they provide a rich array of ever-evolving technology that can be leveraged for enhanced building automation, information connectivity and real-time asset optimisation.

Our key partners are listed below:

  • Anybus
  • Delta Logic
  • HMS
  • Intesis
  • Ixxat
  • Kunbus
  • Kvaser
  • ProfiChip
  • Teltonika
  • Warwick Control Technologies

IDX Contact Details

Main Switchboard / Academy
+27 (11) 548 9960
info [at] idx.co.za


+27 (11) 548 9970
sales [at] idx.co.za