About Industrial Data Xchange (IDX)


Get your plant data to work for you by ESTABLISHING, MAINTAINING & LEVERAGING industrial data connectivity solutions from IDX




Get your wired, wireless and multi-protocol pathways working for you


Once established keep the pathways open and the data flowing


With the right data on time, where you need it, make better informed decisions

Why IDX  


Industrial Data Xchange (IDX) is a South African based Industrial Information Technology company providing the following products and services to Sub-Saharan Africa:


  • Industrial communications expertise and related products (industrial gateways, protocol converters, interfaces, test tools and remote monitoring from DeltaLogic, Kvaser, HMS Industrial Networks, PROCENTEC, Profichip, and Warwick Controls)

  • Expert training and support related to industrial field buses and protocols including but not limited to AS-interface (ASi), Controller Area Network (CAN), DeviceNet, Foundation Fieldbus (FF), InterBus, MODBUS RTU, MODBUS Serial, MODBUS TCP, OPC, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Serial (RS232, RS422, and RS485)

  • Expert training and support related to home and building control including but not limited to KNX

  • Custom-developed solutions (C# and C++) for real-time mission-critical industrial IT systems

  • Specialist system integration services (Data Historians, LIMS, MES and MIS, OPC, SCADA, SQL)


We are a company with a global focus and believe that business is about partnerships and that partnerships are about trust.As a technology innovator, we seek to employ people with a love for problem-solving and getting 'under the hood'. We encourage personal development and the self-motivated will find the freedom to expand and grow as they tackle the challenges; they find most fulfilling. We also believe that a balanced life-style will keep our people most productive and encourage a good work ethic.


Although we are operating in a global economy, we remember that we are part of third world reality. IDX is committed to the potential in Africa and actively invests in social empowerment programs to see the upliftment of those without opportunity.

Mission and Vision


Our mission  is to be on the leading edge, advancing connectivity solutions and challenging traditional thinking so that our customers can unlock the full value of their plant information. We do this by fully embracing the untapped value in existing legacy systems and creating pathways for this to be integrated with new technologies that themselves unlock new opportunities. We see technology and experience as enablers but understand the motivation needs to be a measurable and clearly identified business benefit.


Our vision is to provide world-class industrial connectivity solutions that solve challenging integration problems in a growing and changing industrial market. We seek to do this by blending emerging industrial and IT standards with practical insight, innovative and out-of-the-box thinking. Listening to both what our customers say and don’t say are the seeds for present and future solution innovation.


We understand that a true connectivity solution should not only focus on making data flow possible but should also keep a firm perspective on the cost constraints and fluid environment into which it is being installed:


  • It should be fairly priced and offer clearly measurable return on investment 

  • It should offer an exceptional degree of reliability 

  • It should be highly flexible and easily cater for the addition, removal and replacement of system components 

  • It should be scalable to meet future expansion requirements

  • It should be complemented by appropriate training and technical support, including remote access and assistance.

  • It should be simple to install, configure and maintain with good diagnostic reporting 

Our Values



We prioritise the optimal customer solution over financial gain.

We are honest and transparent in all our internal and external interactions.

We only sell products and services we that we have confidence in and trust.

We are unashamedly ethical in everything we do or say.


We aim to do what we do better every single time through learning and continuous improvement.

We don’t settle for average or just “good enough”

Whatever our hands find to do, we do with all our might.


Family comes first! Our staff is like immediate family and our suppliers and customers are like close relatives, often separated by time and distance but needing to be kept in regular contact. 

We initiate, build and maintain personal and professional relationships in the industries we serve.

By contributing towards improving South Africa’s economy and by doing it with a generous spirit, we aim at impacting communities and lives in meaningful ways. 


We encourage and foster innovation through the promotion and diversity of ideas.

We courageously blend new technology and experience to bring simplicity to a complex world.

We constantly challenge the status quo by asking, “Is there a better way?”

Our Contribution Statement


We serve

industrial & commercial users with a need for data communication and integration


providing intelligent software, hardware solutions & product know-how and by being the custodian of industrial protocols & technology

To help them

improve their processes & user experience

By doing this

we develop our team and provide individuals with purpose, meaning & passion

And drive our

company’s growth and brand integrity, while
encouraging innovation to ‘Simply IDX’ it!