Industrial Data Xchange (IDX) is a South African based Industrial IT company providing the following products and services to Sub-Saharan Africa:


  • Industrial communications expertise and related products (industrial gateways, protocol converters, interfaces, test tools & remote monitoring from DeltaLogic, Kvaser, HMS Industrial Networks, PROCENTEC, Profichip & Warwick Controls),

  • Expert training and support related to industrial fieldbuses and protocols including but not limited to AS-interface (ASi), Controller Area Network (CAN), DeviceNet, Foundation Fieldbus (FF), InterBus, MODBUS RTU, MODBUS Serial, MODUBS TCP, OPC, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Serial (RS232, RS422 & RS485)

  • Expert training and support related to home & building control including but not limited to KNX

  • Custom developed solutions (C# & C++) for real-time mission critical industrial IT systems,

  • Specialist system integration services (Data Historians, LIMS, MES & MIS, OPC, SCADA, SQL)


Industrial Data Xchange (IDX) is a South African company with a global focus. IDX aims to provide world class industrial connectivity solutions that solve challenging integration problems in a growing and changing industrial market.  

At IDX we believe business is about partnerships and that partnerships are about trust. To this end we believe in and expect from our staff uncompromising integrity in the way we handle our business and interact with our clients.  

Our aim is to be on the leading edge, advancing connectivity solutions and challenging traditional thinking. We understand that a true connectivity solution should not only focus on making data flow possible, but should also keep a firm perspective on the fluid environment into which it is being installed:


  • It should offer an exceptional degree of reliability.

  • It should provide hassle free maintenance and intelligent pre-emptive diagnostic reporting.

  • It should be highly flexible and easily cater for the addition and removal and replacement of systems and components.

  • It should be scalable to meet future increases in capacity.


As a technology innovator we seek to hire people with a love for problem solving and getting 'under the hood'. We encourage personal development and the self-motivated will find the freedom to expand and grow as they tackle the challenges they find most fulfilling. We also believe that a balanced life-style will keep our people most productive and while encouraging a good work ethic we actively discourage excessive overtime work. 

Although we are operating in a global economy we remember that we are part of a third world reality. IDX is committed to the potential in South Africa and Africa and actively investing social empowerment programs to see the upliftment of those without opportunity.