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Call Out(Onsite troubleshooting)


There are some situations where no matter your level of training, a problem is just a little too elusive. It is time to call in those who eat, talk and sleep PROFIBUS.

Our elite support engineers are just the people to call on: they have the necessary tools, knowledge and site experience to sort out your issues as quickly as possible.


Note, we generally do not offer a 24-hour standby/on-call services and will respond to requests during office hours only - please contact us to discuss your requirements further:


Rate Description Rate

Onsite Engineering/Support per Hour

Afterhours (5pm) and Saturdays

Night work between 0:00am and 7:00am

Sundays and Public Holidays

R 1 250

Rate plus 100%

Rate plus 200%

Rate plus 200%

Emergency Call Out Fees Rate

Service required within 24 hours of Call

Emergency base rate for duration of callout

R 5000

Rate plus 200%

Travel and Accommodation Rate

Travel by Car

Other form of Transport

Accommodation within SA per night

Accommodation outside SA per night

R 5/km

Cost plus 10%

R 1 000

Cost plus 15%


PLEASE NOTE: All charges are listed without VAT
  A valid purchase order for the required services MUST be submitted to the PCC before any services will be rendered
  Office hours are 8:00 till 17:00
  Time is calculated from when the engineer leaves the PCC until their return