Compact Single Channel B1 PROFIBUS Repeater


The PROFIBUS DP Repeater range from PROCENTEC tackles technological limitations of existing repeaters. They offer a variety of compact and easy to use single and multi-channel repeaters that comply with the requirements of the demanding modern industry.

The advanced 12 Mbps core of the B1 (shown on the left) means that it can be cascaded without limitations! It is always increasing the RS 485 signal strength and the data is constantly monitored for glitches which are digitally filtered out.

The removable screw terminals of the PROFIBUS interface are pinned-out in a way that reversed mounting of the repeater does not impact existing wiring. A DB9 connector is provided for ProfiTrace.

The redundant power supply enables applications where high availability is required.

Multi-channel PROFIBUS repeaters (hubs)

  The popular ProfiHub family is a collection of multi-channel PROFIBUS DP network repeater components to create reliable star or tree networks. They have been deployed in many differnt applications worldwide and are available in different varieties to comply with the requirements of the user. ProfiHubs are equipped with galvanic isolated transparent repeaters. Behind each repeater a segment is created that is able to handle 31 devices with a cable length equal to the main bus. Each repeater blocks short circuits and other bus problems. Examples of application areas: Dynamic spur lines to devices, Star, tree and bus structured networks, Pull/Plug motor control centers(MCCs), Barrier for non galvanic isolated equipment, EMC sensitive applications, Applications with device and cable stress

PROFIBUS D1 Repeater

The rugged and robust PROFIBUS M12 D1 repeater is the ideal component to have in your plant, with an IP rating of 66 this repeater is tolerant to dusty and wet environments. The D1 offers an additional diagnostics port in order to connect a PROFITrace, this resulting in reduced downtime and an optimised network.

PROFIBUS Specifications

- 1 Channel (2 segments)
- Transparent for all PROFIBUS DP protocols
- Suitable for PROFIsafe and MPI
- 9.6 kbps - 12 Mbps (auto detection)
- No limit in cascading

Why choose the B1?