AS-Interface (AS-I) Training

The IDX Academy offers stand-alone ASi training. For a number of years ASi training has been a supplement to the Certified PROFIBUS Installers Course and now, due to popular demand, the IDX Academy has formalized a one-day course on ASi.  
About the course:
The course begins with an introduction to AS-Interface: where does it fit and when to choose it. Attendees discover the various topology options and network structures. The course then covers how power and data are transmitted and how the masters and slaves interact with each other. The environments in which ASi is implemented with regards to dangerous movements, explosion protection and environmental conditions (noise, etc) are also covered.
The training covers the features, benefits and limitations of ASi as well as some safety considerations. Course attendees then learn how AS-I can be incorporated into higher-level network structures such as PROFIBUS.
The course then covers how the AS-I slave is coupled to sensors and actuators, and at the same time the attendees will be introduced to how the AS-I master works. The course will cover the transmission phases for controlling data exchange, start-up procedures and addressing.
On the practical side, the IDX Academy has developed demonstration boards where attendees will get the opportunity to build a small AS-I network, giving them hands on experience on installing AS-I devices. Trainees will also use handheld tools to change slave addresses and read and write values. They will also be given the opportunity to get the devices into data exchange through some fault finding.
The attendee will receive a certificate of attendance on completing the course. 
Attendee Requirements: 
There are no formal requirements however as a guideline, potential candidates should: 
  • Have a good command of the English language 
  • Have some experience with operational, industrial systems. 
  • Exposure to and understanding of the basics of digital communications is advantageous.
While the IDX Academy makes every effort to aid attendees in understanding the subject matter and associated concepts, the course time is limited and therefore the IDX Academy cannot be held responsible for attendees that fail to cope with the material covered.      


Course Information

Course duration:  1 Day
Course times: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Max number of attendees: 8
Min number of  attendees : 4
Course Location: IDX Offices in Fourways

Prequisites: Formally, none

+27 11 548 9960


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