Industrial Communications

real time industrial communication services

"With more than 30 years experience. IDX's core business is enabling data connectivity between industrial systems with simple but cost-effective industrial communications solutions."

Many Technologies

IDX has extensive experience in providing cost effective industrial communications solutions to both plant and factory environments. 

IDX has practical experience with most industrial fieldbus and protocols including but not limited to AS-interface (ASi), Controller Area Network (CAN), CANOpen, DeviceNet, Foundation Fieldbus (FF), InterBus, MODBUS TCP, MODBUS Serial, MODUBS RTU, OPC, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Serial (RS232, RS485 & RS422).

Along with experience in DCOM, Web-Services, .NET and Sharepoint.

Industrial Requirements

We understand the industrial requirements for relevant, accurate and timely data especially in real-time applications. We have an in-depth grasp of the physics of network operations and solutions for balancing network load and optimising throughput while still offering deterministic realtime behaviour. 

Partnering with Major System Vendors

We work closely with most major vendors (ABB, Endress+Hauser, Rockwell, OSIsoft, Siemens, Wonderware & Yokogawa) and their various products suites. We have faced and have work arounds for common communications head-aches like setting up OPC connections across domains, implementing smart buffering to prevent PLC's being overcome by the communications burden on multiple client subscriptions and many, many more...

Increase System Life Span

Most factories and plants are constructed with an intended life-span of 25 of more years. However the rate of technology advance means that older (and sometimes key) systems on sites become increasingly hard to integrate with newer systems that are installed at a later date. In some cases these integration problems can be circumvented by expensive upgrades but in many this is either not viable or no upgrade is offered. IDX has created a number of legacy bridges over the years and is able to develop others where such a requirement exists and the development cost can be justified.

Available Legacy Interfaces

IDX has integration solutions for the following legacy systems:

  • @aGlanceIT
  • Bailey Infi-90 (Infi90)
  • Foxboro I/A Node Bus
  • Hartmann & Braun Contronic P
  • Hartmann & Braun Contronic S
  • Elsag Bailey
  • Honeywell TDC 2000
  • Honeywell TDC 3000
  • Honeywell Plantscape
  • GEM80-400 PLC (Starnet HDLC protocol)
  • Kent DCS
  • Moore Apax
  • Moore ICI
  • Siemens S5
  • Siemens 3694
  • Yokagawa µXL (microXL)

Custom Development

If one of our custom interfaces is not suitable we can rapidly develop custom interfaces to many systems. Contact us to discuss your requirements!