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profichip is a leading producer of PROFIBUS interface ASICs for both master and slave applications.

The high-end PROFIBUS Connector EasyConn PB from profichip has various features that speed up installation and troubleshooting

  • Status LEDS which are visible from both sides, indicate bus and device status
  • Piggy-back connector with 90 degree cable outlet provides easy access to the integrated PU/diagnosis socket so that no additional hub is required.
  • The full metal case ensures high noise immunity.
  • The switchable termination resistances which are accessable from both sides are activated by the plug with slide switches.



VPC3 + S  


  • SPI, IIC, parallel-Interface

  • BGA 48pin Package 6x8mm

  • 4kByte communication RAM

  • function and software compatible to VPC3+C and SPC3 from Siemens

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VPC3 + C



  • PROFIBUS-DP/DP-V1 / DP-V2 protocol handling in hardware

  • 4 KByte communication-RAM

  • 3.3V or 5V power supply, 5V tolerant inputs

  • Low current consumption

  • PNO certified costumer applications

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chip MPI12x  


  • MPI communication up to 12Mbits/s

  • PROFIBUS-DP Slave incl. Clock Synchronisation

  • 4KByte integrated SRAM

  • Configurable 8 Bit ┬ÁController interface

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chip VPCLS2  


  • PROFIBUS-DP protocol handling in hardware

  • 40 Bit I/O, 1 up to 3 Byte configurable

  • as diagnostic inputs

  • 5V power supply

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PROFIBUS Connector EasyConn