The IDX Academy offers the following Expert Training


  The PROFIBUS Competence Centre (PCC), run by the IDX Academy, offers internationally certified PROFIBUS training. It is the only centre of its kind in Africa offering this hugely popular certified training. The courses range from the 2 day Installer course for those who want to learn how to correctly implement a PROFIBUS network to the well respected 5-day Engineers course.   


  The IDX Academy offers stand-alone ASi training. For a number of years ASi training has been a supplement to the Certified PROFIBUS Installers Course and now, due to popular demand, the IDX Academy has formalized a one-day course on ASi.

  The IDX Academy offers Foundation Fieldbus Training at the IDX offices in Fourways, South Africa. This means that if you are in South Africa (or in a nearby country), that you will no longer have to travel overseas in order to get trained.


  Interested in building automation? The IDX Academy offers both basic and advanced certified KNX training courses, as prescribed by the KNX association. Offered are both the basic and advanced 5-day course. 

  Due to the ease of implementetion of MODBUS into devices, MODBUS have become one of the most widely used industrial data protocols in industry. This is an ideal course to attend for those who have little knowledge of industrial protocols in general and for those who would like to become familiar with the inner workings of the MODBUS protocol over both serial and Ethernet. 

  Open Process Connectivity (OPC) is a powerful technology for the connection of Process Control Components created by different manufacturers. OPC offers a solution which avoids costly and complicated, dedicated interfaces as well as significantly reducing the load on the components it connects. However, a lack of understanding of the fundamentals of how this technology operates can lead to headaches when connections (due to authentication or other issues) do not work first time.

  IDX is able to provide OSIsoft PI training on the various PI clients (PI DataLink, PI ProcessBook, PI ACE) as well as System Management courses (e.g. System Manger I - Essential Skills & System Manager II - Advanced Topics) both on and off site to OSIsoft end-users at cost effective rates.

  This free training is fully concentrated on ProfiTrace 2. The main goal is to master the ProfiTrace platform to be able to quickly identify; what is a good and what is a bad network. The COMbricks module covered the remote monitoring a pre-emptive maintenance of a PROFIBUS network

  Free Anybus Communicator Training. Learn the how the Anybus Communicator can be used to get your serial device (including those on MODBUS RTU or ASCII) onto any of the major industrial fieldbuses (PROFIBUS, ControlNet, DeviceNet, CAN, etc) or Ethernet protocols (PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, MODBUS TCP, etc). The IDX Academy also offers training on the Netbiter Remote Monitoring solution. 

   As automation moves towards using high speed Industrial Ethernet Protocols such as PROFINET from the traditional serial fieldbus systems, being able to understand how to successfully implement, maintain and troubleshooting PROFINET systems is vital to the success of your system. The Profibus/PROFINET Competence centre of South Africa is the only centre in Africa to offer the Certified PROFINET Engineers Course.