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Africa Automation Fair

IDX invites you to visit us at the Africa Automation Fair.
Click here for free registration and access to the fair

We will be launching our latest offering: The
IDX Nexus We look forward to seeing you there!

IDX Nexus

The IDX Nexus is a family of hardware/software components that allow flexible data monitoring & control solutions to be applied to machines in harsh environments. Designed with modular hardware components, IDX Nexus permits connectivity into any system, using proprietary or standard protocol specifications. When used in combination with IDX Suite, real-time optimisation strategies for distributed assets can be cost-effectively be realised.

Current Promotions

PROFIBUS Troubleshooting Kit

Save over R7000 on ProfiTrace now!

ProfiTrace is the most powerful mobile analyzer for PROFIBUS networks. Thousands of users benefit daily from this great tool because it is easy to use and combines all required elements in one to detect most PROFIBUS faults trough it's busmonitor, oscilloscope bar graph and topology scan. This outstanding tool that fits in your pocket, boosts the capabilities of service, maintenance and engineering technicians. They can check and troubleshoot the complete PROFIBUS network with 1 software package and 1 piece of hardware (ProfiCoreā„¢ Ultra). Typical issues such as noise, reflections, voltage drops, termination problems, double addresses, wire breaks and configuration faults are easily identified. The results can be exported to detailed reports. Predictive maintenance and asset management are really possible with ProfiTrace! 

Promotion Valid until the 31st of May 2015.
T&Cs apply.
Contact IDX Sales now to take advantage of this great offer!


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